When in Doubt, Go to Freebirds!

   Ah, Freebirds – some of the best burritos on this side of the equator! 

    Man, I was in such a rut a couple of weeks ago. College had your boy locked down!  Trying to balance life with academics, athletics, a fraternity, and financial aid really took a toll on the psyche. I just didn’t know what to do! I never felt so stressed in my life. The stress of not being able to find the answers to a worksheet on quizlet couldn’t even amount to what I was feeling!  And on top of everything else, God was turning the thermostat to a crisp 47 degrees Fahrenheit (which for me, is a little past frostbite range).

   Other than the cold weather, I knew God was also in control of my situations, and He sent this angel to my rescue.

   Big Sis Rhontae! One of my heroes!

   I don’t think she knew that I was borderline depressed when she called me for a lunch date. She was just wanting to go try out a new restaurant and thought to take me with her – I needed the break. Believe me. 

   She picked me up from good ole “DabU” (Dallas Baptist University) and we hit the road! At first, I was in the mood to try this restaruant called “Cotton Patch” which was about a 20 minute drive from campus.  But to our convenience it was closed.  This prompted me to whip out my handy dandy Siri fruit device and I  searched for another location. 

You won’t even believe what restaurant came up next….. Go ahead. Guess.


 Talk about an instant stress-reliever. 

   If you don’t know what Freedbirds World Burrito is… don’t worry because I didn’t know what it was either until I met a pair of Texas A&M alumnae in high school who bet their bottom dollar that Freebirds was the best place to grab a burrito on the Eastern side of  God’s Country  (That might’ve been a hard run-on sentence, but that just shows you how good those burritos are).   If you love trying new places and are in the mood for a good filling meal, Freebirds is the place! They have some of the best options for customizing what could potential send you into the best food coma of your life. Look,they even have spinach tortillas! And they’re sweet tea was ‘Presley Approved’.

   So moral of the story:  when times get rough and you get stressed out, eat your problems away. 
 I’m kidding.

   Great family and great food. If that wouldn’t calm your nerves, I don’t know what would! I’m at the end of my first semester in college and I honestly don’t think I would’ve made it through without the help of my loved ones!  So I guess my initial moral wasn’t too far off the mark. When you are in doubt, indeed go to Freebirds.


My Addiction (Must Read)

My whole life has been about progression. I’ve always had something to shoot for whether it be a new PR (personal record) on the track or just something simple like making sure to wake up on time for my 8 am’s. But there’s something that continues to progress as well. It’s an addiction. Webster defines an addiction as “a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble).” Now, this addiction is in no way, shape, or form a drug, though it has been known to have herbal forms. No. This more than that. This is stronger than any debatabley illegal substance. My addiction..


Sweet Tea.

PHEW! That felt so good to get off of my chest.Yes, my addiction is sweet tea! I’m downing one right now as you read. I know ya’ll were expecting something crazy serious, right? Or maybe not if you know me well enough. But, sweet tea is sent down from The Man himself and he sent it straight to the south! I’ve had the honor of tasting teas within the “Sweat Tea Belt” and I plan on making a trip all the way through the southern half of the U.S. to experience all things sweet tea.

Now, let’s get one thing straight; sweet tea is the prized beverage from the South that they give you at a restaurant with the sugar, simple syrup, and even high-fructose corn syrup already stirred into the brew while it is still hot. Sweetened tea (God forbid) is the stuff they give you with packets of sugar, Splenda, or Sweet n’Low and tell you to stir them in yourself. Being from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I experience the latter quite often. But thankfully,  there are some upstanding establishments that take pride in their beloved teas and I applaud them!

So with that being revealed to the public, here’s a list of great sweet tea destinations and recipes.

#1 The Joint (New Orleans, La)


Aside from having some of the best barbecue in The Big Easy and having a great blue collar sense of humor (lol), The Joint brings some of the best sweet tea to the table!

#2 Chicken Express 

This one is a favorite of mine! Chicken Express serves up some of the sweetest, cavity causing tea in Texas. Now, Texas isn’t really known for having the greatest sweet tea in the “STB” but our good friends Richard and Nancy Stuart (founders) sure did help change that reputation West of Fort Worth in Benbrook, Texas! You can find this chain all around the Eastern side of Texas.


Perfect Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Good Ol’ Alabama Sweet Tea

Copycat Olive Garden Peach Iced Tea

Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea

If it’s not served in a Mason Jar it’s not sweet tea😉

Revamp Post

Just remembered I have blog yesterday. I’ve been neglecting you, WordPress! I’ve been neglecting you, the five viewers that have been checking my blog since Feb 27, 2016, and for that, I deeply apologize…

With that being said, HEY!  I’m at Dallas Baptist University right now!

Yep, I made it. DBU where I’m resting my head (theoretically) for five days out of the week. This is also where I get to ruin my knees in the sport of Track and Field for the next four to five years. It’s enjoyable. Well, track is for the most part. Honestly, I’d rather be sipping a nice glass of sweet tea in middle of Mediterranean – posting relatable tweets and Instagram photos that produce an average of 3,000+ like and comments. Buuutt…I have to find a way to get to that pinnacle stage in life. SO, until then, college it is. GO PATS!

Here’s some Insta Pics and Tweets that may or may not catch you up to where I am in life:





I went to North Park Mall and got my GQ street style on  (;







The little things and the Classics

The little things and the classics. Man, this is what I’ve come to appreciate about life. Many of us look over the tiny, almost unnoticeable aspects that make life great. For instance, yesterday I was conversing with my anatomy and physiology teacher about the legend that is Stevie Wonder – a timeless artist whose music brings joy to a countless number of generations – and he mentioned that he had an original vinyl of Stevie’s Talking Book album. I didn’t really notice his comment then, but today I walk into class and Mr. Charles, my teacher, tells me that he has something for me. Confused and curious, I walk over to where he directs me and I see this.


This has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in the last few weeks.  Classic!

I’m starting to realize that life has gradually been getting better. I mentioned this realization to Lex last night, and she said she thinks it because the little things are being done right. I agree with her completely. Just showing random acts of kindness, or just being a better friend by asking how someone’s day was, or  something like that really brightens people’s days. And that’s really cool.. There’s a blessing in that.

A Letter To A Friend

Dear, —— —–

You really can’t change people. They have to want to change themselves.

Sadly, a lot of people don’t see anything wrong with how they treat others around them – their brothers, sisters, Children…Let me help you. YOU ARE DRIVING THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE AWAY FROM YOU. It behooves me that some people don’t notice this. How can you not see that there are more arguments than laughs? More tears of sorrow than joy? Please, open your eyes. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Family isn’t like that. Families love, nourish, and lift up one another. This is how I was raised. You love your family and treat them right because at the end of the day, they’re the only ones who will be there. But if you steady drive them away because you think there’s nothing wrong with you and make yourself the victim, you’ll end up with no one. And for some people I know, time is running out…

I Thank God for my family and The love He’s bestowed within it. I have two strong Christ centered parents. And they are FORREAL about their faith. I admire them. And that’s how it should be. I want to take care of them when the time comes. Peers I have sadly don’t say the same.
“She treats me like crap now. Why would I ever want to help her later when she hasn’t been a Mother to me? She looks at me more as a friend than a daughter… The part that hurts the most is that I can’t get to her. She doesn’t listen. And when she chooses to, she victimizes herself..I don’t know what to do.”
This was spoken to me by a dear friend recently and it hurt me. Deeply. My heart goes out to this young lady and her mom. If you’re religious, please don’t hesitate to shoot up a prayer for their situation. Pray that someone opens their mind and realize that it’s time to change for the better and be real about it.

Hopefully this doesn’t just fly over your head when you see this. Truly Analyze how you treat your loved ones. Don’t just read this blog post and think, “He has a point and hopefully this reaches the right person,” cause chances are, YOU are that person.
I love you and I’m praying for you.

Love P

Try Hard

TRY HARD!   Yep.

OVERACHIEVER!   That’s me.

Oh, look out! Here he is!  Coming through.

If you have ever had one of these phrases shouted at your direction, congratulations. You’ve earned your way into the Class of the Elite (sounds so official). No matter what area of life you’re in, there’s going to be a class of lowers (notice the lowercase title) that mock your hard work and dedication. And personally, this is the best motivation/complement you could ever receive.

Knowing that my grind creates a rouse in others is so rewarding! I get so enthused about it!

Having sly, sarcastic comments uttered at me during track practice helps create a sense of confirmation to my REASON. My “Why”.  There has to be a reason behind the madness. No sane person would just go out and bust their behind running for no reason. Most likely, a goal is in the sights. And catching wind of the shade being thrown by my own teammates just fuels the fire within! Nothing’s better than proving your doubters wrong after a big feat. It’s just icing on top of the cake.

One of my favorite quotes in relation to this topic originate from, former British prime minister, Winston Churchill, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

So keep working hard. There are going to be some sappy socialist at your place of work, school, or any other venue. They’re the ones standing in a group in the back laughing, and making fun of your hustle. They’ll probably call you everything in the book. But understand that while they’re wasting hot air, you are putting in good old-fashioned hard work.

Make it , so that they can call you everything but a loser.



My charger dumped me.

I cannot believe what is going on here. After all that has transpired, you still managed to reach through my chest, grip my heart, and yank it out while it beats in your grasp. I trusted you… More than any other and you failed me. And the thing that hurts the most is that the lady that I bought you from said that you’d charge my beloved iPhone quicker! Lies. All lies!! You lasted 3 weeks you piece of junk! Get out!

Let’s talk for a minute. I know many of you have felt the same pain that I’m currently experiencing. When you spend good money on a charger, you’d expect your investment to be worth while. This is simply not the case when it comes to certain chargers, and it hurts my heart. Instead of giving you long term satisfaction, you receive a short lived excuse of a phone charger. The worst part is that I have to wrap my charger around the top of my phone to make some type of progress! You know how sketchy that is? The answer is Extra. Extra Sketchy.

I joined team Apple expecting a prosperous go at life and so far it has been a bittersweet journey! I love the phone; I hate the charger. I was hoping that the chargers from Apple would trump over Android with ease, but instead, I have been failed just as equally. Luckily, I have a loving mother willing to buy the really good expensive chargers from at&t. Thanks mom!image.jpeg

iPhone. A+
Charger. F

I Don’t Like This

THIS image

This is my alarm clock. See that dirt mound in the distance? Look to the right. Yep there it is. That freaking tractor!! This thing – along with unnecessary clanging, rumbles, and guys yelling at each other – persists on waking me up at 6 am sharp!  I don’t have to be at school until 9:20, so that leaves me with with two and a half hours of unwanted consciousness.



*One of many short blog posts of anger*




What Makes Me Smile

imageShe makes me smile! A whole lot.

That’s Lexee, my girlfriend. As you could probably tell from the cover photo, she’s loads of fun. Here’s a little about us plus a few questions I get.

How We Met/Started Dating

I met my girl a little over a year ago in late June of 2014 at a Chick-fil-a in the city of Forney, TX. It was after a little 7on7 (touch football) tournament a few of our athletes and I had earlier that afternoon. My broheim Zach was kind of involved with one of Lex’s friends at the time. So, I guess he called that girl up and told her to meet us at CFA and that’s when I saw Her. Lexee. Now, it wasn’t anything like love at first sight. Granted, I thought she was really pretty  when we first got introduced, but our minds were in two different spots during that time. We hardly even talked to each other that night. It wasn’t anything awkward. We just didn’t know each other! But, that was the first time I saw her face and those beautiful blue/green eyes she has.(heart eyes emoji)

We didn’t really start getting involved with each other until 10 months after we met. Crazy, right? Well, we were both in other relationships during that time. There would be a few converstaions between us via Twitter, Snapchat, and text messaging, but nothing serious – just checking in to see what was up.

Okay actually, I’ve been crushing on her since July of 2014, so my check ups were more like little hints that she needed to be with me haha. She wasn’t too interested..  But eventually, after a couple of encounters and a few laughs and ideas being thrown around, a date or two, in the Spring of 2015, we became a couple.image

Do you guys ever fight?

This is a question I get quite often believe it or not.

Lex and I dont fight. We hardly even argue. We honestly think that fighting is a waste of time and energy. Oh, and it’s really pointless. If we have a disagreement or a problem, we’ll let each other know and we’ll try to analyze and find a solution that benefits the both us. We’re not strangers to compromise, we encourage it. In order to reach our goals – short and long term – we have to work together with love and compassion. We pretty much “get”each other.

How long have you been together?

8 months and some change!

It hasn’t neccessarily been an easy go fo us. We’ve had our ups and downs and all arounds, “breaks” and all , but I really couldn’t see myself with anyone else. We have a bond that has strengthened over the course of 8 months along with the months prior to us dating (when we were just friends). She means the world to me and I plan on taking care of her and creating incredible moments and memories with Lex for as long as we live.

And with that being said,

Time for Pics!



Christmas Break 2015


So, it’s been a pretty busy first week of my senior Christmas break. The first three days have consisted of finding, loading, hauling, and selling old metals to a scrap yard with my Bro Zach. That’s him in the yellow shirt above!

Here’s a series of  the glorious discoveries and moments of the past three days!



Found some old wine in a big pile in the back of the location we were working at. We gave them to Zach’s dad because he’s a pro at winery and such.

The wine was obviously in horrible condition. (sad face)


Found a toad 😂


Wednesday was our last day working and we ended up with a pretty good chunk of change. With pockets fat and spirits high, Zach and I proceeded to initiate a bro night in which we went shopping  in Downtown Dallas for Christmas!

Here’s some pics


Had a pretty great time!


ATTN: So remember when I mentioned goals for 2016 in my last post? What was your answer?

Whatever it may be, you are more than capable of achieving you goal(s). You just have to believe that nothing will stand in the way of your success! A goal of mine is to run fast enough to earn a scholarship to a great college for track! I believe that with hard work and sure passion I can accomplish that goal and maybe even surpass my own expectations! Just know that you can do it. You might have to tell yourself that every day of 2016, but it’ll be worth all of the effort. I promise you!

Have a Great Christmas.