Why They’re Not Successful

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In this cruel day and economically unpredictable time, it has become difficult to rise to the top. Everyone is aiming for success – typically the same success ( a mansion up on a hill, the latest sports cars, jewelry, and fashion). This is the dream the pops up in most people’s minds when someone mentions the words “success” or “wealth” or even “stability”. But why aren’t most of these people reaching that goal of glam? Is it their work ethic? Does it have something to do with time management? Whatever the case may be, most of these reasons aren’t even close! The number one reason mentioned by many of the Top Dogs in this country is that the majority of the masses have no grasp on economics!


The economy?


Yes, the economy.


“Well, I know how the economy works,” is the statement thrown out by a casual workforce member before the question “How does it work?” is presented.  And a guaranteed half of the population will pull from their derrière a makeshift perception of how the economy works and how economics is applied in their everyday life.  They may mention how they’re  in debt from college and having to pay off loans along with bills, necessities, and a “ridiculous” ticket they got for nearly running over Old Lady Gladys last Thurs. In some shape or fashion, these are all economical influences. But notice that these are all draining the income from the average American.


If a real understanding of economics was established early on in life, many people would have the success they dream of sooner.  I’m currently 18 years of age and I have already begun my economical journey to success.


I’m unemployed.

But I have a lot of freelance experience. An odd job here, a mowed lawn there, a couple of paid surveys, and bang! Income. I’m actually working on producing a passive to obtain some extra spending money. I am deeply involved in highschool and am too busy to work a full time job! But I have a high maintenance lifestyle and mindset, so I need the money. But thanks to my novice experience with the real world economical rush, I have a fool-proof plan of making it to the top. What is it, you may ask?




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