Christmas Break 2015


So, it’s been a pretty busy first week of my senior Christmas break. The first three days have consisted of finding, loading, hauling, and selling old metals to a scrap yard with my Bro Zach. That’s him in the yellow shirt above!

Here’s a series of  the glorious discoveries and moments of the past three days!



Found some old wine in a big pile in the back of the location we were working at. We gave them to Zach’s dad because he’s a pro at winery and such.

The wine was obviously in horrible condition. (sad face)


Found a toad 😂


Wednesday was our last day working and we ended up with a pretty good chunk of change. With pockets fat and spirits high, Zach and I proceeded to initiate a bro night in which we went shopping  in Downtown Dallas for Christmas!

Here’s some pics


Had a pretty great time!


ATTN: So remember when I mentioned goals for 2016 in my last post? What was your answer?

Whatever it may be, you are more than capable of achieving you goal(s). You just have to believe that nothing will stand in the way of your success! A goal of mine is to run fast enough to earn a scholarship to a great college for track! I believe that with hard work and sure passion I can accomplish that goal and maybe even surpass my own expectations! Just know that you can do it. You might have to tell yourself that every day of 2016, but it’ll be worth all of the effort. I promise you!

Have a Great Christmas.




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