What Makes Me Smile

imageShe makes me smile! A whole lot.

That’s Lexee, my girlfriend. As you could probably tell from the cover photo, she’s loads of fun. Here’s a little about us plus a few questions I get.

How We Met/Started Dating

I met my girl a little over a year ago in late June of 2014 at a Chick-fil-a in the city of Forney, TX. It was after a little 7on7 (touch football) tournament a few of our athletes and I had earlier that afternoon. My broheim Zach was kind of involved with one of Lex’s friends at the time. So, I guess he called that girl up and told her to meet us at CFA and that’s when I saw Her. Lexee. Now, it wasn’t anything like love at first sight. Granted, I thought she was really pretty  when we first got introduced, but our minds were in two different spots during that time. We hardly even talked to each other that night. It wasn’t anything awkward. We just didn’t know each other! But, that was the first time I saw her face and those beautiful blue/green eyes she has.(heart eyes emoji)

We didn’t really start getting involved with each other until 10 months after we met. Crazy, right? Well, we were both in other relationships during that time. There would be a few converstaions between us via Twitter, Snapchat, and text messaging, but nothing serious – just checking in to see what was up.

Okay actually, I’ve been crushing on her since July of 2014, so my check ups were more like little hints that she needed to be with me haha. She wasn’t too interested..  But eventually, after a couple of encounters and a few laughs and ideas being thrown around, a date or two, in the Spring of 2015, we became a couple.image

Do you guys ever fight?

This is a question I get quite often believe it or not.

Lex and I dont fight. We hardly even argue. We honestly think that fighting is a waste of time and energy. Oh, and it’s really pointless. If we have a disagreement or a problem, we’ll let each other know and we’ll try to analyze and find a solution that benefits the both us. We’re not strangers to compromise, we encourage it. In order to reach our goals – short and long term – we have to work together with love and compassion. We pretty much “get”each other.

How long have you been together?

8 months and some change!

It hasn’t neccessarily been an easy go fo us. We’ve had our ups and downs and all arounds, “breaks” and all , but I really couldn’t see myself with anyone else. We have a bond that has strengthened over the course of 8 months along with the months prior to us dating (when we were just friends). She means the world to me and I plan on taking care of her and creating incredible moments and memories with Lex for as long as we live.

And with that being said,

Time for Pics!




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