The little things and the Classics

The little things and the classics. Man, this is what I’ve come to appreciate about life. Many of us look over the tiny, almost unnoticeable aspects that make life great. For instance, yesterday I was conversing with my anatomy and physiology teacher about the legend that is Stevie Wonder – a timeless artist whose music brings joy to a countless number of generations – and he mentioned that he had an original vinyl of Stevie’s Talking Book album. I didn’t really notice his comment then, but today I walk into class and Mr. Charles, my teacher, tells me that he has something for me. Confused and curious, I walk over to where he directs me and I see this.


This has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in the last few weeks.  Classic!

I’m starting to realize that life has gradually been getting better. I mentioned this realization to Lex last night, and she said she thinks it because the little things are being done right. I agree with her completely. Just showing random acts of kindness, or just being a better friend by asking how someone’s day was, or  something like that really brightens people’s days. And that’s really cool.. There’s a blessing in that.


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