My Addiction (Must Read)

My whole life has been about progression. I’ve always had something to shoot for whether it be a new PR (personal record) on the track or just something simple like making sure to wake up on time for my 8 am’s. But there’s something that continues to progress as well. It’s an addiction. Webster defines an addiction as “a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble).” Now, this addiction is in no way, shape, or form a drug, though it has been known to have herbal forms. No. This more than that. This is stronger than any debatabley illegal substance. My addiction..


Sweet Tea.

PHEW! That felt so good to get off of my chest.Yes, my addiction is sweet tea! I’m downing one right now as you read. I know ya’ll were expecting something crazy serious, right? Or maybe not if you know me well enough. But, sweet tea is sent down from The Man himself and he sent it straight to the south! I’ve had the honor of tasting teas within the “Sweat Tea Belt” and I plan on making a trip all the way through the southern half of the U.S. to experience all things sweet tea.

Now, let’s get one thing straight; sweet tea is the prized beverage from the South that they give you at a restaurant with the sugar, simple syrup, and even high-fructose corn syrup already stirred into the brew while it is still hot. Sweetened tea (God forbid) is the stuff they give you with packets of sugar, Splenda, or Sweet n’Low and tell you to stir them in yourself. Being from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I experience the latter quite often. But thankfully,  there are some upstanding establishments that take pride in their beloved teas and I applaud them!

So with that being revealed to the public, here’s a list of great sweet tea destinations and recipes.

#1 The Joint (New Orleans, La)


Aside from having some of the best barbecue in The Big Easy and having a great blue collar sense of humor (lol), The Joint brings some of the best sweet tea to the table!

#2 Chicken Express 

This one is a favorite of mine! Chicken Express serves up some of the sweetest, cavity causing tea in Texas. Now, Texas isn’t really known for having the greatest sweet tea in the “STB” but our good friends Richard and Nancy Stuart (founders) sure did help change that reputation West of Fort Worth in Benbrook, Texas! You can find this chain all around the Eastern side of Texas.


Perfect Southern Sweet Iced Tea

Good Ol’ Alabama Sweet Tea

Copycat Olive Garden Peach Iced Tea

Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea

If it’s not served in a Mason Jar it’s not sweet tea😉


Revamp Post

Just remembered I have blog yesterday. I’ve been neglecting you, WordPress! I’ve been neglecting you, the five viewers that have been checking my blog since Feb 27, 2016, and for that, I deeply apologize…

With that being said, HEY!  I’m at Dallas Baptist University right now!

Yep, I made it. DBU where I’m resting my head (theoretically) for five days out of the week. This is also where I get to ruin my knees in the sport of Track and Field for the next four to five years. It’s enjoyable. Well, track is for the most part. Honestly, I’d rather be sipping a nice glass of sweet tea in middle of Mediterranean – posting relatable tweets and Instagram photos that produce an average of 3,000+ like and comments. Buuutt…I have to find a way to get to that pinnacle stage in life. SO, until then, college it is. GO PATS!

Here’s some Insta Pics and Tweets that may or may not catch you up to where I am in life:





I went to North Park Mall and got my GQ street style on  (;