Revamp Post

Just remembered I have blog yesterday. I’ve been neglecting you, WordPress! I’ve been neglecting you, the five viewers that have been checking my blog since Feb 27, 2016, and for that, I deeply apologize…

With that being said, HEY!  I’m at Dallas Baptist University right now!

Yep, I made it. DBU where I’m resting my head (theoretically) for five days out of the week. This is also where I get to ruin my knees in the sport of Track and Field for the next four to five years. It’s enjoyable. Well, track is for the most part. Honestly, I’d rather be sipping a nice glass of sweet tea in middle of Mediterranean – posting relatable tweets and Instagram photos that produce an average of 3,000+ like and comments. Buuutt…I have to find a way to get to that pinnacle stage in life. SO, until then, college it is. GO PATS!

Here’s some Insta Pics and Tweets that may or may not catch you up to where I am in life:





I went to North Park Mall and got my GQ street style on  (;








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