When in Doubt, Go to Freebirds!

   Ah, Freebirds – some of the best burritos on this side of the equator! 

    Man, I was in such a rut a couple of weeks ago. College had your boy locked down!  Trying to balance life with academics, athletics, a fraternity, and financial aid really took a toll on the psyche. I just didn’t know what to do! I never felt so stressed in my life. The stress of not being able to find the answers to a worksheet on quizlet couldn’t even amount to what I was feeling!  And on top of everything else, God was turning the thermostat to a crisp 47 degrees Fahrenheit (which for me, is a little past frostbite range).

   Other than the cold weather, I knew God was also in control of my situations, and He sent this angel to my rescue.

   Big Sis Rhontae! One of my heroes!

   I don’t think she knew that I was borderline depressed when she called me for a lunch date. She was just wanting to go try out a new restaurant and thought to take me with her – I needed the break. Believe me. 

   She picked me up from good ole “DabU” (Dallas Baptist University) and we hit the road! At first, I was in the mood to try this restaruant called “Cotton Patch” which was about a 20 minute drive from campus.  But to our convenience it was closed.  This prompted me to whip out my handy dandy Siri fruit device and I  searched for another location. 

You won’t even believe what restaurant came up next….. Go ahead. Guess.


 Talk about an instant stress-reliever. 

   If you don’t know what Freedbirds World Burrito is… don’t worry because I didn’t know what it was either until I met a pair of Texas A&M alumnae in high school who bet their bottom dollar that Freebirds was the best place to grab a burrito on the Eastern side of  God’s Country  (That might’ve been a hard run-on sentence, but that just shows you how good those burritos are).   If you love trying new places and are in the mood for a good filling meal, Freebirds is the place! They have some of the best options for customizing what could potential send you into the best food coma of your life. Look,they even have spinach tortillas! And they’re sweet tea was ‘Presley Approved’.

   So moral of the story:  when times get rough and you get stressed out, eat your problems away. 
 I’m kidding.

   Great family and great food. If that wouldn’t calm your nerves, I don’t know what would! I’m at the end of my first semester in college and I honestly don’t think I would’ve made it through without the help of my loved ones!  So I guess my initial moral wasn’t too far off the mark. When you are in doubt, indeed go to Freebirds.


The little things and the Classics

The little things and the classics. Man, this is what I’ve come to appreciate about life. Many of us look over the tiny, almost unnoticeable aspects that make life great. For instance, yesterday I was conversing with my anatomy and physiology teacher about the legend that is Stevie Wonder – a timeless artist whose music brings joy to a countless number of generations – and he mentioned that he had an original vinyl of Stevie’s Talking Book album. I didn’t really notice his comment then, but today I walk into class and Mr. Charles, my teacher, tells me that he has something for me. Confused and curious, I walk over to where he directs me and I see this.


This has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in the last few weeks.  Classic!

I’m starting to realize that life has gradually been getting better. I mentioned this realization to Lex last night, and she said she thinks it because the little things are being done right. I agree with her completely. Just showing random acts of kindness, or just being a better friend by asking how someone’s day was, or  something like that really brightens people’s days. And that’s really cool.. There’s a blessing in that.