About the Blogger: Presley

Alright, so this is the part where I introduce myself and tell you all some story about my life and whatnot. This is what most bloggers do to make a connection with his/her viewers.

Basically, this is the First Date shpiel!

Hi! I’m Presley Butler and this is Butler’s Take where I give my take on multiple topics having to do with Fashion, Fitness, and my life. I started this blog because it was recommended by a teacher of mine.  I could write a two page essay about most topics within 30 minutes, cake. Why not put that talent into something productive?  I just entered the 18th year of my life last month in Novemeber and so far so good! I’m enjoying every day of legality. However, contrary to what the “Old Folks” have drilled into my brain about being 18, I feel the exact same as I did a month ago.

The BIG 1 8…. Great.

Right now, I am sitting in the middle of my senior year in high school. This has by far been the easiest academic year for your boy. I only have three courses to worry about this year and all of those have been nothing but a breeze. And the best part is none of those classes are apart of the Cult of Math (ANY math class ever).  I hate math. You’ll probably hear about my rants in upcoming posts. I really hate it. I double hate it.  Not kidding.  Loathe entirely.  Okay – transitioning back to my point – senior year has been amazing! Due to the easy work load, I’ve had plenty of time to focus on my recent passions. There are two things that I love more than anything. Running and My Girlfriend.

Running has been a huge part of my life lately. I’ve ran cross country for Crandall High School for two years now and I’ve been running track since 7th grade. I haven’t looked back since.


I love XC running because it teaches not only physical, but mental stability and discipline. You have to be some sorta crazy/determined to want to wake up at 5 AM every morning and go run 50+ miles a week! It’s rough out there for us striders, but it’s all worth it when Spring rolls around. That’s when all the action happens!

I’m talking about Track and Field! The Sport of the gods!

I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Track is one of the strongest passions I hold. I love it! Ever since I could walk I could run. I can remember countless times when my mom would shout at me for running down the hallways of our house! There was so much energy packed up inside of my young adolescent self that I couldn’t help it. And thankfully, that same energy and passion has translated over to now. Last track season was by far my best year yet. Before hand, I was just your regular sprinter. The 200m -400m dash guy. That was me until my track coach at the time entreated me to try to run the 800m event; (For the people who are like “Whaaa?”, that’s  sprinting 2 laps around the track) Yeah that hurt. But I was surprisingly doing well at it! So well, that I earned a shot to compete for the Texas state championship for my event.


I ended up getting 7th in the state for my division, which wasn’t too bad at all! I even received All-State honors and Team MVP. So, you could imagine how pumped I am for the team this year!

Now this is my favorite thing to talk about….

Now introducing… The One. The Only

Sweet (Heart Eyed Emoji)image

Here is my dearest passion. I love this girl with all my heart. She’s my best friend. And sometimes, my only friend.She’ll probably get mad because this paragraph about her isn’t as long long as the one about track but, I’ll tell you the story behind how we met and how much I love her in another post soon! There’s a lot to tell!! But, all there is to say right now is that we’ve had each other’s backs for 8 months and I’d do just about anything for her! I love you Sweet!

Just look at her! She’s so gorgeous.

This is my life. This is a little bit about who I am and what I’m up to right now!

I’m presenting a question: What are you looking forward to the most in this holiday season?     


My answer to that will be shared next week!




Why They’re Not Successful

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In this cruel day and economically unpredictable time, it has become difficult to rise to the top. Everyone is aiming for success – typically the same success ( a mansion up on a hill, the latest sports cars, jewelry, and fashion). This is the dream the pops up in most people’s minds when someone mentions the words “success” or “wealth” or even “stability”. But why aren’t most of these people reaching that goal of glam? Is it their work ethic? Does it have something to do with time management? Whatever the case may be, most of these reasons aren’t even close! The number one reason mentioned by many of the Top Dogs in this country is that the majority of the masses have no grasp on economics!


The economy?


Yes, the economy.


“Well, I know how the economy works,” is the statement thrown out by a casual workforce member before the question “How does it work?” is presented.  And a guaranteed half of the population will pull from their derrière a makeshift perception of how the economy works and how economics is applied in their everyday life.  They may mention how they’re  in debt from college and having to pay off loans along with bills, necessities, and a “ridiculous” ticket they got for nearly running over Old Lady Gladys last Thurs. In some shape or fashion, these are all economical influences. But notice that these are all draining the income from the average American.


If a real understanding of economics was established early on in life, many people would have the success they dream of sooner.  I’m currently 18 years of age and I have already begun my economical journey to success.


I’m unemployed.

But I have a lot of freelance experience. An odd job here, a mowed lawn there, a couple of paid surveys, and bang! Income. I’m actually working on producing a passive to obtain some extra spending money. I am deeply involved in highschool and am too busy to work a full time job! But I have a high maintenance lifestyle and mindset, so I need the money. But thanks to my novice experience with the real world economical rush, I have a fool-proof plan of making it to the top. What is it, you may ask?